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Electricity Control & Monitoring System

For a Dutch Marina, we developed Flexistroom. Flexistroom consists of one touch screen Kiosk and four control boxes. Customers at MarinaCo can register electrical plugs for their boat maintainance work. Flexistroom keeps a detailed register of the used electricity. This allows MarinaCo to charge their customers only for their precise electricty usage.


We were responsible for all parts of the projects. See the CASE STUDY for an in-depth description of the project.


PostYourLab App & Backend

For Labonovum B.V., we developed the PostYourLab mobile app for Android & iPhone as well as an Azure-based serverless cloud backend.

The app allows customers of Labonovum's B2C platform PostYourLab to register blood & urin tests and to view the results. In the app, multiple profiles can be registered so that one person can manage multiple clients or their family. The app also includes a detailed video-based tutorial on how to conduct the tests.

We were responsible for all parts of the projects.



For the AMS institute in Amsterdam, we developed three ShutterCams for a novel Social Monitoring experiment in the Marineterrein Living Lab. The cameras make use of our Crowd Monitoring A.I. and come equipped with a bright-red shutter that is remotely controlled. The shutter is an active signal to the visitors whether they are being monitored or not. The visitors of the Marineterrein can interact with the ShutterCam through gadgets that are deployed on the ground. For more details on the setup and experiment, please visit: meras-equipped-with-shutters-contribute-to-a-responsible-smart-city/



Together with the Tapp and the City of Amsterdam CTO Office, we developed Public Eye, the world's first Open Source machine learning platform for Crowd Counting.  The system is currently deployed at Marineterrain Amsterdam, Johann Cruif arena, and others.
LIFE electronic was the main developer and responsible for architecture, design, implementation & roll-out at the city.



Marineterrein Living Lab

For the Marineterrein, LIFE electronic is currently the main provider for their data and I.o.T. architecture. We manage multiple sensors and actuators, store and distribute all collected data, and make sure that the system stays up and running. We developed a cutting-edge Living lab software stack for the Marineterrein, allowing their users to rapidly experiment and and innovate.

Examples of innovation built upon our stack:





Portable Crowd Counting Camera

For the City of Amsterdam, we designed & developed a prototype crowd counting camera based on the NVIDIA Jetson technology. It uses 4G for internet connectivity and allows the city to monitor the crowdedness of public spaces without having to install dedicated camera hardware. As the algorithm runs directly on the hardware, no images are being sent to the cloud. Thus the privacy of the citizens is ensured.

We were responsible for all parts of the projects.


ShutterCam v2 Johan Kruiff Arena

After the first ShutterCam prototype on the Marineterrein Amsterdam, we developed a second one for the AMS Institute. The goal was to test the ShutterCams at the Johan Cruiff Arena and its impact on the visitors and the operations team.

After deployment, AMS conducted a research and the results were just recently published online and presented to the City of Amsterdam.

The conclusion was clear: The city should roll out ShutterCams all over the city in order to protect the privacy of their citizens.


Public Eye @ NDSM Werft Amsterdam

For the NDSM werft in Amsterdam, an artistic and entrepreneurial space in the north of Amsterdam, we installed multipe Public Eye crowd counting cameras using our ethical crowd counting solution. 

The installations allows the managers of the terrein to monitor the usage of public space and especially how many people gather around the various art pieces depoloyed on the NDSM werft.


KR&A Due Dilligence application

For KR&A, a European FinTech company specialising in alternative data for real estate investment, we developed the Flash Due Dillegence web application.

It allows real-estate investors to quickly compare their portfolios and assets using alternative data and microdata. The project is being developed as an Azure-based backend with a React frontend.

We were responsible for all parts of the project.


Privacy Monitor

For the AMS institute, we developed together with The Incredible Machine, the Privacy Monitor prototype. It is installed at the Marineterrein Living Lab and consists of people counter camera and a display module. Visitors can stand in front the it and see how the camera counts people.

The project got presented to a delegation of the Tweede Kamer (House of Representatives) in order to raise awareness regarding privacy and Smart City.



For the Marineterrain of Amsterdam, we developed Smart LED lights that notify users of the fitness area whenever the area becomes to crowded. Making use of the Public Eye platform, the system predicts the density of the area and notifies smart LED controllers to change the colours. LIFE developed the LED hardware, the controllers and the connection to Marineterrein's Public Eye system.

For more information please visit:



For an innovative hotel chain, LIFE electronic has designed and developed a smart lock system that makes use of QR-Codes to grant access. Through a self-made centralised management UI, prospective students can easily book a room and retrieve a QRCode that allows access during the booking period. The system allows the hotel to drastically scale back on staff through fully automated check-ins. LIFE took care of all aspects of the system. From design, architecture to software & hardware development.



For Dolby Technologies Inc., LIFE electronic developed a music player for their Dolby Atmos car technology. The music player is deployed on Surface Pro tablets within a Tesla car and currently showcased around the world to interested customers.

For more information, visit:



For Sensoterra, we developed the firmware of the second version of their ultra low-power moisture sensor based on LoraWAN.
Their product is actively used by farmers around the world to improve farming efficiency and moisture quality.

For more information, visit:

Modern Digital Watch


For iDorMobile, we developed the iDor Mobile Controller. A VoIP based system that allows home owners to fully remotely manage their smart iDorMobile Doorbell.
iDorMobile is used all-over the United States in family houses and multi-tentant apartment buildings.

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