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LQR-1000E - Smart QR Code Reader

The LQR-1000-E is a flush-mounted QR Code reader that connects via ethernet to a central management system. The management system can be configured to forward any QR read events to different down-stream applications through different communication channels (e.g. MQTT or WebSockets). This makes it easy to integrate the LQR-1000-E with your existing IT infrastructure. The reader can be configured to forward any QR Code or only QR Codes that have been generated via the management system. QR Codes can be configured to be valid indefinitely as well as for particular time intervals. QR Codes can be linked to users for authorization and identification purposes. The reader automatically connects to the edge management system running on the same network and does not require any configuration. The management system can support up to 1000 readers, making it for instance suitable to control many access control gates in buildings. The LQR-1000-E has two led light (red & green) to inform about its status (successful scan, network error, etc.). Through a sound module, it indicates to the user that the QR Code has been processed successfully or that the QR Code hasn’t been recognized. Can be used for Kiosks, ATM, ticket terminal, turnstile and medical devices, such as: Ticket vending machines, access control gates & turnstiles, transportation (ticketing of bus, metro…), Loyalty cards, carpark ticket machines and more. The LQR-1000-E is powered by 12V.


- Highly performant QR code reading capabilities (phone screens, printouts) - Management system for QR Code management including REST API - Can validate QR Codes with indefinite and temporal validity - QR Codes can be associated with a reader or be generally valid among all readers - Can optionally be configured to accept any QR code - Two status led light - Sound module to indicate scan result (OK, error) to user - Reader laser light for night use - Ethernet connectivity - Integrated firmware updates through ethernet - Publishing of real-time QR code events via MQTT, Webhooks & WebSockets - Management system source code available including extensive documentation

Management System

The management system runs on a local server that is connected to the QR Code readers. It features an intuitive management GUI where Readers, QR Codes and users can be managed. QR codes can be created for an indefinite time-span (always valid) or a pre-defined time span. QR Codes can be associated with certain devices, so that only specific readers accept a particular QR code. This is very helpful in the situation where you want to grant access to certain rooms based on bookings. The device view is a real-time status overview of all connected readers. There, it is also possible to apply (optional) firmware updates which are provided from the LIFE electronic servers.

Example Installation
example installation.png
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