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Full-Stack Engineering Agency

Full-Stack Engineering

LIFE electronic realizes full-stack innovation projects from design to production. We work with MKBs, corporates and governments to bring novel ideas to life.

We always put quality and communication first, seeing every cooperation as an opportunity for a deep and sustainable partnership.

Our specialties are:

- Backend programming (C/C++, Qt6, Python, Go, Common Lisp)
- Embedded Engineering (stm32, esp32)

- Network design and deployment (1G, 10G, InfiniBand)

- Electrical engineering & Product Development

- Linux & Cloud deployments

- Frontend Development (React, React Native, Qt5)

- Smart Data Spaces & Smart City (FiWare, iSHARE)

Please visit the showcase section for more information.


Embracing the Lean Startup Mindset

Building stuff is simple. The hard part is to build the right stuff. We believe, that this is only attainable if we get your product into the end user's hands as soon as possible.

We developed a fast and efficient R&D process that allows us to reach peak velocity in product development. Small turn-around times are crucial and we will work closely with your users to figure out what works - and what not.

Ownership & Close cooperation

Every project deserves full attention and the best possible treatment. If we accept a project, we take full ownership and responsibility for the successful delivery.

LIFE electronic is a small agency that is run by engineers. You won't talk to managers or salespeople but cooperate directly with the guys in charge who build your product.

After initial development has finished, we usually stick around for maintainance, incremental development, hosting, and trouble shooting. But we are also happy to transfer the project in-house and assist on every step.


Our Services

Full-Stack Development

For our customers, we develop solutions to solve actual problems. From initial brainstorming, to design and implementation, LIFE electronic is your partner in crime. We not only cover the embedded part, but also the user interface, and the cloud backend.

Rapid prototyping

Coming from a Lean-Startup background, we recognise that rapid prototyping is paramount if you want to get early returns and insights. This means that we very quickly will come up with a first implementation to deploy and test with users.

Firmware development & Electrical Engineering

We design PCBs, develop the firmware, source the components, produce the boards and put everything together. From start to finish, we control the whole development cycle thanks to our partnerships with specialized manufacturers in the EU.

Server & Cloud Management

We offer full management of the backend-side of your product. From hosting on-prem GPU servers to cloud databases to ESB distribution systems. We got it covered. And of course we will write custom software too if needed.

Network layout & Design

To provide the infrastructure for your devices, you usually need to invest into a proper network architecture. We can design and execute network installations. Networks may contains wired and wireless connectivity methods. Whatever fits the situation. We successfully deployed wireless networks, 1G networks, 10-100G fiber networks and InfiniBand.



Ready to innovate?

Merci beaucoup!

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