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R&D Agency

Making technology work for a better tomorrow

LIFE electronic realizes end-to-end innovation projects from design to production. We work with SMEs, corporates and governments to bring novel ideas to life.

We always put quality and communication first, seeing every engagement as an opportunity for a deep and sustainable partnership.


By engaging with the newest technologies and trends, we keep our minds sharp. This allows us to create products that challenge the status-quo, explore new capabilities, and push boundaries further.

LIFE electronic's multi-disciplinary teams have all expertise to bring novel ideas to life, making use of cutting-edge technologies and sophisticated, future-proof technology stacks.

Cloud Computing

Scalable business logic must sit somewhere. We build backend systems on commercial cloud or on-prem installations.

User Interfaces

User interfaces are key for creating engagement. Whether Native, Web or Apps, we got it covered.

Internet of Things

We developed advanced IoT technology allowing us to bootstrap connected sensors with lightspeed.


Novel solutions have to be smart. We work with advanced AI technology to make things even smarter.


Below you can find a showcase of the work we did for our beautiful clients.

Our Services

We can help you with a lot of things. Our passion is to to build products at the intersection of the digital and the analog. Stuff that has impact in the real world.

We usually co-operate with our clients throughout the whole development cycle from design to production. Close cooperation is key. Our experience allows us to handle most processes by ourselves. We

- design,

- create sketches & prototypes,

- design and manufacture PCBs,

- 3d print cases,

- write software, on chips, or in the cloud,

- create user interfaces,

- and more...

In short, we love to be part of everything and put real pride into our craftmanship. Working with us means receiving quality work.


Rapid Prototyping

Cost-efficient, iterative hypothesis testing.

Gain fast insights with real customers.


Product Development

End-to-end product development. From the drawing board to production in 5 steps.



Hands on help with your engineering problems. Because sometimes you just need that extra perspective.


The LQR-1000-E is a flush-mounted QR Code reader that connects via ethernet to a central management system. It's easy to integrate into existing infrastructure through well-known IoT protocols like MQTT.

Ready to innovate?
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